Vol. 24 No. 5 / 2023

1. Analysis Of Potential Threats Of Nfts (Non-Fungible Tokens) For National Security And Economic Resilience – A Case Study Of Indonesia Read article
Authors: Dany EKA SAPUTRA, Nicoleta ISAC, Waqar BADSHAH,Cosmin DOBRIN
2. Web 3.0 And The Evolution Of The World Wide Web Read article
Authors: Diana Maria Chiș, Irina-Iulia Salanță
3. The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Social Media Promotion Strategies Of Companies In Romania - Theoretical Aspects Read article
Authors: Barbu Lucia – Nicoleta, Orzan Mihai Cristian, Ciocodeică David Florin, Orzan Olguţa Anca
4. Effects Of The Job Satisfaction On The Employees Fluctuation – An In-Depth Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Mihaela Denis GĂLĂȚANU
5. Integrating employee feedback into the continuous improvement of performance management Read article
Authors: Judith KIS, Diana TUDORAN
6. Specific Elements of the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the EU and Romania Read article
Authors: Maria LOGHIN, Loredana-Gabriela DINULESCU, Mădălina MONCEA
7. Adapting to Vuca: An Exploratory Study on Talent Resilience in the IT Industry and Generation Z Workforce Read article
Authors: Mihai Alin LAZĂR
8. Effect of Market Capitalization on the Association between Firm Size and Corporative Performance of Listed Companies at Bucharest Stock Exchange in Romania Read article
Authors: Angelica BUBOI (DANAILA), Cristina Gabriela COSMULESE
9. Challenges for Change Management in SMEs Read article
Authors: Ana NĂSTASE, Laurențiu COROBAN, Nicolae VRANA
10. Models of Social and environmental Responsibility in Algeria - Analytical Study Read article
Authors: Ben Abdelaziz SAMIR
11. Vulnerabilities of Smart Cities Development in a Context of Uncertainty at European Level Read article
Authors: Laurentiu-Nicolae PRICOPE, Alina MECA, Monica Laura ZLATI
12. Land Improvements in Agriculture: A Bibliometric Analysis Unveiling Trends and Future Research Perspectives Read article
Authors: Eduard Alexandru DUMITRU, Luiza-Florentina ZĂPUCIOIU, Maria Cristina STERIE
13. The Correlation between the Principal's Leadership Style and the Commitment of Teachers in Arab Schools in Israel Read article
Authors: Khadija HIBA