Vol. 24 No. 4 / 2023

1. Towards a Strategy for Sustainable Regional Development Read article
Authors: Philippe DUEZ
2. Social Sustainability Model through Quality Management in Education Read article
Authors: Geanina COLAN, Aura COLAN, Adriana MATEI, Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Sabin MURARIU, Narcis RĂDUCANU
3. An Overview of the USA Energy Market Read article
Authors: Stelian GRASU, Ruxandra Mădălina POP
4. The Effect of Moral Development and Moral Identity on Integrity Read article
Authors: Thomas S. CLARK III, Mihai C. BOCARNEA
5. Sustainability Reporting. Does Company Performance Matter? Read article
Authors: Leonina Emilia BACIU
6. Entrepreneurial Networks in Niigata Prefecture in 1897: Measure of Local Milieu Read article
Authors: Nobumichi WATAHIKI, Luiza GATAN, Cristian VLAD, Hideki ISHIDA, Jacqueline MUJAYA
7. Analysis of Graduate Tracking Mechanisms at a European Level Read article
Authors: Sorin-Iulian MERLUȘCĂ
8. Strategic Direction and Progress of the UAE Tourism Industry Read article
Authors: Tariq HASSAN
9. Analysis of the Entrepreneurial Environment in Hunedoara County Read article
Authors: Georgiana-Raluca LADARU, Ionut Laurentiu PETRE, Steliana MOCANU
10. Equity Challenges in Romanian Education: Towards Sustainable Education for all Students Read article
Authors: Lavinia-Ștefania ȚOȚAN, Raluca-Corina DAWED
11. The Effect of foam Types and Occupational Health and Safety Procedures on Improving the Performance of Workers in the LPG Boycott-Bechar Read article
Authors: Amel BEKKAR, Tahri EL-AÏD
12. Vegetal Agricultural Production in Romania - Trends and Structural Implications Read article
Authors: Anton-Theodor DIMITRIU
13. Romanian Municipalities and the Smart City Framework Read article
Authors: Vlad-Tudor TRINCĂ
14. The Fusion of Advanced Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in the Cruise Industry and Global Hospitality Organizations Read article
Authors: Carmen Florentina VLĂSCEANU, Teodorov Alexandru VALENTIN, Gabriela ȚIGU
15. Analysis of the Peculiarities of the Means of E-communication in a Public Institution, Referring to the City Hall of Haţeg Read article
Authors: Anca Jarmila GUȚĂ
16. Foundational Economy and Regulation for Sustenability: from “Rurbanisation” to Rural Futurism Read article
Authors: Răzvan HOINARU, Marian Oancea, Bogdan-Paul SAFTIUC, Daniel BUDA, Cosmin-Alexandru TEODORESCU