Vol. 22 No. 3 / 2021

1. Data Management in the Health Sector: A SWOT Analysis Read article
Authors: Crina-Dana IONESCU, Mihaela CAZACU, Emilia ȚIȚAN, Mihaela MIHAI, Daniela-Ioana MANEA
2. The Impact of Cultural Intelligence on the Management of Multicultural Sports Organizations: A Comparative Analysis between Romania and France Read article
Authors: Daniel LOVIN, Alexandru CAPATINA, Denis BERNARDEAU-MOREAU
3. Theoretic Issues on the Role of Tourism Clusters in Regional Development Read article
Authors: Abdo KATAYA
4. The Challenges of Cultural Diplomacy - Intercultural Relations between the European Union and Latin America Read article
Authors: Marta STOIAN
5. The Influence of Organizational Politics on the Organizational Commitment of Employees in Emergency Organizations in Israel Read article
Authors: Abitbul Shimon ELIYAHU, Nicolae BIBU, Diana SALA, Violeta SĂCUI
6. The Impact of the Principal Leadership Style on Teacher Job Satisfaction among Arab Teachers in Israel: A Qualitative Analysis Read article
Authors: Tahreer BSOUL
7. The Path from Digitization to Digital Transformation: The Case of Two Traditional Organizations Read article
Authors: Ioana BORCAN
8. Marketing and Management Steps to be taken in setting a Sport Club in Romania Read article
Authors: Gheorghe JINGA, Adrian IACOBINI
9. Application of MABAC Method in Evaluation of Sector Efficiency in Serbia Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC