Vol. 22 No. 1 / 2021

1. A Comparative Analysis of National Strategies to Underpin Innovation Progress in Romania and Portugal Read article
Authors: Corina-Cristiana NASTACĂ, Ariana NĂSTĂSEANU
2. The Economic and Social Effects of Unemployment in Romania Read article
Authors: Sorin BURLACU, Amelia DIACONU, Evelina Petronela BALU, Iulian GOLE
3. Consumer Ethnocentrism: a Concept to Support the Increase the Economic Resilience of a Market Read article
Authors: Stere STAMULE
4. News Coverage of the 2019 Romanian Presidential Elections in the International Media Read article
Authors: Ion STAVRE, Monica Ilie-PRICA
5. Social Media Networks as a Business Environment, During COVID-19 Crisis Read article
Authors: Mihai C. ORZAN, Adina I. ZARA, Ştefan C. CĂESCU, Mihaela E. CONSTANTINESCU, Olguţa A. ORZAN
6. Educational Leadership and ICT Implementation in Israeli Arab Sector – Towards a Model of Hybrid Leadership Read article
Authors: Suleiman HABIBALLAH, Nicolae BIBU, Doina DANAIATA
7. Performing Arts – How do we Survive the Pandemic? Read article
Authors: Andrei BADIN
8. EU28 Countries Performance in eGovernment in 2019-2020 Read article
Authors: Victor Marian DUMITRACHE, Marian NĂSTASE, Valentin LAZĂR, Cosmin ANDREICA, Petruț Cristian VASILACHE
9. Agri-Food Chains versus Short Chains – Literature and Legislation Review Read article
10. The Importance of Innovation in Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth and Development. A Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Adriana DIMA