Vol. 21 No. 5 / 2020

1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence - A Study on Romanian Manages and Their Grasp of what EI is Read article
Authors: Maria-Roxana BRIȘCARIU
2. The Topic of Success in the Project Management Literature Read article
Authors: Ioana Natalia BELEIU
3. Aspects of Innovation and Leadership in Small and Medium Enterprises Read article
Authors: Daniel RUSU, Dorina SANDU, Maria FRANGIEH
4. Cultural Events and Public Perception of ”Green Principles” Read article
Authors: Andrei BĂDIN
5. The Effect of Legislation on Sports Management in Romania Read article
Authors: Daniel BRĂTIANU
6. Entrepreneurship Intention Among Business Students in Romania Read article
Authors: Bogdan Robert IOANE, Nicolae BIBU, Laura BRANCU, Ana NĂSTASE
7. Lean and Quality Management Tools Used in Performance Measurement Read article
Authors: Vlad-Tudor TRINCĂ
8. International VAT Rate cuts to Support Entrepreneurship within Coronavirus Pandemic Context Read article
Authors: Rodica PRIPOAIE,Irina Olimpia SUSANU, Mihai CADINOIU