Vol. 21 No. 3 / 2020

1. Approaches to Digitalization within Organizations Read article
Authors: Lavinia-Andreea GRUIA, Nicolae BIBU, Marian NASTASE, Alexandru ROJA, Nicoleta CRISTACHE
2. Institutional Governance of the Francophonie after 50 Years of Existence, between Geopolitical Interest and the Challenges of Economic Development/Strategy Read article
Authors: Aurelia GROSU
3. Urban Challenges and Informal Public Transport Services in Nigeria Read article
Authors: Oluwaseyi Joseph AFOLABI, Kehinde Oluwafunmilola AKIBO
4. Corporate Governance in the Context of Integrated Reporting 332 Bianca Raluca BĂDIȚOIU, Alexandru BUGLEA, Valentin Read article
Authors: Partenie MUNTEANU
5. Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in the Modern Society. A Systematic Review Read article
Authors: Kassem HAMMOUD
6. Management of the Distribution of Agri-Food Products in Romania Read article
Authors: Stefan Alin TODERASC
7. Case Study Research Design for Exploration of Organizational Culture Towards Corporate Performance Read article
8. The Impact of Human Resources Management and Technical Investments on Operations Management Performance at SC Arabesque SRL Company Read article
Authors: Silvia ANGHEL-VLAD, Elena CIZMAS
9. Fund Traits and Corporate Value of Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria Read article
Authors: Victor Chiedu OBA, Musa Inuwa FODIO, Abdulkarim Alhassan SHAIBU
10. Development of the Green Economy and the Creation of Green Objectives Through Digital Networks Read article
Authors: Ghenadie CIOBANU, Iulian GOLE, Olivia Florentina BĂLU, Ioana Maria POPESCU, Cristian Petruț VASILACHE
11. Factors Affecting Motivation of Employees in Public Sector: Case Study in Erbil, Iraq Read article
Authors: Amir Khaleel HASSOO, Cuma AKBAY
12. Analyzing Factors Accountable for Success in Completing University Studies Read article
Authors: Alexandru AGAPIE, Luiza BĂDIN, Silvia DEDU, Marius GIUCLEA, Ileana MIRCIOI (VĂLIMĂRANU), Ovidiu SOLOMON
13. Using Benchmarking for Enhancing Management of Public Services. Comparative Case Studies – UK, Sweden and Romania Read article
Authors: Elena TUDOSE (IORGA)
14. Analysis of the Labor Force of Two Romanian Development Regions Populated Almost the Same, but with Totally Different Areas: Bucharest-Ilfov and South-West Oltenia Read article
Authors: Bogdan-Cristian CHIRIPUCI