Vol. 21 No. 2 / 2020

1. Marketing-mix Standardization/Localization Strategy and Export Intensity: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Perceptions of Portuguese Wine Producers Read article
Authors: Pedro Mendonça da SILVA, José Freitas SANTOS
2. State-of-the-Art Technology Practices in Corporate Communications and Global Talent Operations – Building and Activating a Cognitive Enterprise (NTT Communications Case Study) Read article
Authors: Constantin Marius PROFIROIU, Cristian VLAD, Keita SUGIYAMA, Kyoko KOKUSHO, Fumiaki TAJIRI
3. iBalanced Scorecard: An effective Strategy Implementation in Lebanese Government Authorities Read article
Authors: Charbel EL AMMAR
4. Promoting Policies of the Romanian Gas Companies towards a Sustainable Consumption and the Consumer Protection Read article
Authors: Vanesa Madalina VARGAS
5. State-Owned Enterprises in the Context of Contemporary Transformations Read article
Authors: Ioana-Andreea CIOLOMIC, Ioana Natalia BELEIU
6. Last Decade Analysis over the Impact of Loans & Deposits on the Romanian Economy: from Hook to Anchor Read article
Authors: Adriana-Daniela CIUREL, Cristian ANGHEL
7. Supply Chain Quality Management (SCQM) Practice and its Impact on Company Operational Performance Achievement Read article
Authors: M Wildan NOOR, NURYAKIN, Firman PRIBADI
8. Culture as a Multi-Level and Multi-Layer Construct Read article
Authors: Mădălina DAN
9. Types of Approaches in Assessing Individual Performance. Case Study: Banking Organization in Lebanon Read article
Authors: Siham JIBAI
10. Organizational Politics and its Influence on Employees’ and Volunteers’ Motivation in Emergency Organizations in Israel Read article
Authors: Abitbul Shimon ELIYAHU, Nicolae BIBU, Doina DANAIATA
11. The Knowledge-Based Economy: Evolution of Research and Stage of Development in Europe and Romania Read article
Authors: Cătălina Florentina ALBU, Ștefan Cătălin POPA, Cezar Petre SIMION