Vol. 21 No. 1 / 2020

1. Employers Expectations regarding University Graduates Competences. Case Study: The Bucharest University of Economic Studies Graduates Read article
Authors: Maria Liana LACATUS, Camelia STAICULESCU
2. Understanding “Guanxi” in the Asian Business Context Read article
Authors: Trung Quang DINH, Hilmar Þór HILMARSSON
3. Deficiencies and Proposals for Improving the Public Procurement System in Romania Read article
Authors: Ionel PREDA
4. Theories and Models of Functional Zoning in Urban Space Read article
Authors: Sorin BURLACU, Alexandru GAVRILĂ, Ioana Maria POPESCU, Svetlana PLATAGEA GOMBOS, Petrut Cristian VASILACHE
5. Behavior Management and Preferred Education Techniques used by Teachers Working with High School Students Read article
Authors: Vladimir-Aurelian ENACHESCU
6. An Exploratory Analysis of Work-Life Balance Preference in the Case of Lebanese Students Read article
Authors: Jaber ABDALLAH, Kassem HAMMOUD
7. The Effect of Match Attendance on Team Performance in Basketball Read article
Authors: Vlad I. ROȘCA
8. Causes of Option for Informal Sector Read article
9. The Characteristics of the Contracting Process within the National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020 Read article
Authors: Florian MARIN