Vol. 20 No. 5 / 2019

1. Investor Sentiment on the Stock Market using Artificial Neural Networks Read article
Authors: Oana Mădălina POPESCU
2. Brazil Export Sectors. A Comparative Example with the European Market Read article
Authors: Iulia-Monica DUMITRESCU
3. The Problems of Absorption of the European Structural and Investment Funds Related to the Cohesion Policy during the Programming Period 2014-2020 Read article
Authors: Florian MARIN
4. Management of Community-Based Home Hospitalization (CBHH) in Israeli Public Health System Read article
Authors: Iris MEGIDO, Avichai SOUDRI, Adriana PRODAN
5. Leadership and Organizational Development Read article
Authors: Vladimir-Codrin IONESCU, Cristina BOLCAŞ