Vol. 20 No. 4 / 2019

1. The System of Values of the Monotheistic Druze Managers from Israel Based on the Schwartz Theory of Human Basic Values Read article
Authors: Radwan MANSOUR, Nicolae BIBU
2. Impact of Piracy and Sea Robberies on Fishing Business in Nigeria: A Focus on Lagos Coastal Area Read article
Authors: Abdullahi Saheed USMAN, Oluwaseyi Joseph AFOLABI, Casmier Friday NWOYE
3. Faculty and Work: Stress or Performance? Read article
Authors: Mihaela CREȚU, Ana Alexandra GORA
4. Theories and Models Regarding Formal / Informal Duality of the Labor Market Read article
Authors: Cristian MARINESCU
5. Online Shopping Behavior in Case of Apparel Product: Comparative Analysis between Japanese and Chinese University Students Read article
Authors: Yu LI, Takeshi NAKAYAMA
6. Empirical Research on Factors Influencing Students’ Decision to Study Abroad using Cart Analysis Read article
Authors: Adriana DIMA
7. Analysis of Centralized Public Procurement in the European Union, the United States of America and Romania Read article
Authors: Ionel PREDA
8. Human Resources in the Digital Age. A Manager’s Realities and Perspectives Read article
Authors: Cosmin TATARU
9. Managerial Solutions for Debirocratization of Public Institutions Read article
Authors: Valentin VEZETEU
10. Trends and Challenges in Food System Management in Emerging Economies: A Comparative Analysis between Romania and Poland Read article
Authors: Robert BUMBAC