Vol. 20 No. 3 / 2019

1. The Principals' Perception of Their Values and the Organizational Culture of the Junior High Schools in the Druze Sector Read article
Authors: Nabila KHEIR-FADDUL,Nicolae BIBU ,Marian NASTASE
2. Transforming Cultural Barriers Into Assets: Lessons Learned from a Global Insurance Broker Read article
Authors: Elena LVINA,Alex MATVEEV,George GRISHIN
3. A University Reinvents Itself: A Case Study for Understanding Strategic Mergers and Integration between Academic Institutions Read article
Authors: Hana BOR,Avraham KETKO
4. The Impact of Strategic Planning on the Reform of Lebanese Public Administration Read article
Authors: Charbel El AMMAR
5. Fiscal Policy in Emerging Economies Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Read article
Authors: Iulia ROȘOIU
6. How Managers Can Create Happy Working Environment Read article
Authors: Denisa ABRUDAN,Iulia CONEA-SIMIUC
7. Impact of the Manager’s Personality in the Pre-University Educational System Read article
Authors: Veronica-Claudia ISTRATIE (ACHIM)
8. The Main Currents (Schools) of Thought about the Informal Economy Read article
9. Management of Educational Potential Through Extracurricular Activities Read article
Authors: Vladimir ENĂCHESCU
10. Labor market in Romania and Germany – Comparative Analysis in the Context of Macroeconomic Stability and Knowledge Management Read article
Authors: Alin Ioan CRETU,Laurentiu TESCAN
11. Using Data to Optimize Higher Education Financing – A Management Issue Read article
Authors: Daniel BŐJTE
12. Sources and Instruments of Financing for the European Energy Sector: A Comparative Analysis between Private, Public and Mixed Instruments Read article
Authors: Corina MURAFA