Vol. 19 No. 4 / 2018

1. The Influence of Education on Subjective Underemployment: Research on Multinational Corporations in Romania Read article
Authors: Vlad I. ROȘCA, Oana-Lorena ȚEPOSU
2. The Role of the Shared Value “Justice” in the Management Approach of Educational Organizations of Rabbi Hirsch Read article
Authors: Yochanan KIRSCHENBOIM
3. Impact of Digitalization in Business World Read article
Authors: Magdalena Alina ILCUS
4. Influences on Urban Competitiveness Development from the Perspectives of Business and Local Authorities Read article
Authors: Ruxandra-Irina POPESCU, Răzvan-Andrei CORBOȘ, Ovidiu-Iulian BUNEA
5. Flexicurity of the Labor Market through the Formal/Informal Duality, in the Context of Globalization Read article
Authors: Cristian MARINESCU
6. Does the sector matters? An empirical investigation of job satisfaction and performance evaluation process based on Romanian employees’ perceptions Read article
Authors: Alexandra BEIU, Adriana AnaMaria DAVIDESCU
7. What isn’t the Managerial Decision? A Different Point of View on the Most Important Activity of a Manager Read article
Authors: Ionuț-Dacian CEHAN
8. The Impact of Competition on Productivity. Theory and Evidence Read article
Authors: Iuliana-Tania ZLATCU, Roxana CLODNITCHI
9. Technology Transfer Related Concepts Read article
Authors: Irina Iulia SALANȚĂ, Ioana Natalia BELEIU, Alin MIHĂILĂ, Emil Lucian CRIȘAN
10. The Big Five Personality Traits Effect on Average Promotion and High Status Promotion in the IEC Read article
Authors: Yaron BARUCH, Nicolae BIBU