Vol. 19 No. 2 / 2018

1. Time Management Skills. Academic Achievements and Life Satisfaction. A Case Study at Bucharest University of Economic Studies Read article
Authors: Elena-Ramona RICHIŢEANU-NĂSTAS, Camelia STĂICULESCU, Maria Liana LĂCĂTUŞ
2. Limiting Terms of Office for Directors as a Policy Change in the Israeli Nursing System Read article
Authors: Inga SHALEV, Adriana PRODAN
3. The Influence of Subjective Factors on the Development of the Transformational Style of Leadership Read article
Authors: Bilal El TOUFAILI
4. Functional Approaches to Scor Model in the Supply Chain Management Processes (Part I) Read article
Authors: Gheorghe MINCULETE, Polixenia OLAR
5. The Factors that Affect the Process of Integration and Application of the ICT Program in the Arab Education System in Israel Read article
Authors: Habib Allah SOLEMAN, Doina DANAIATA
6. Business Models of the Sharing Economy Read article
Authors: Cătălin Mihail BARBU, Răducu Ştefan BRATU, Elena Mădălina SÎRBU
7. Economic Fundamentals over Long and Short Horizons Read article
8. Comparative Analysis of the Performance Evaluation of the Human Resources in the Hotel Industry Read article
Authors: Silvia ANGHEL-VLAD
9. E-Tourism and the Competitiveness of Tourism Products in the Context of the Global Tourism and Travel Industry Market Read article
Authors: Reine A. TFAILY
10. A long Term Analysis of two Undeniable Realities of the XXI Century - Global Economic Crisis and Demographic AGING Read article
Authors: Alina ȘTEFANIA CHENIC (CREȚU), Alin Ioan CREȚU, Laurențiu TEȘCAN
11. Measuring the Convergence between Management and Leadership in the Banking System by Applying a Cluster Analysis Read article
Authors: Cosmin MATIŞ, Maria Camelia Ilisan ISMANA, Adrian Ciprian GHINEA, Georgeta Beatrice PETRACHE LANG