Vol. 15 No. 5 / 2014

1. Managing Collaboration in the 21st Century - A Global Perspective Read article
Authors: Carmen Valentina RADULESCU, Ildiko IOAN
2. Participation of Lithuanian Innovative SME�s in the European Union Single Market: Political and Legal Aspects Read article
Authors: �ivile PAU�AITE, Jurgita BARYNIENE
3. Creation of the Economic Security of State: National Core Competence Read article
4. Managing Corporate Strategy from the Expansion Perspective Read article
Authors: Dumitru-Alexandru BODISLAV, Florina BRAN, Mariana IOVI?U
5. Trends of the Innovative Development on the Macro and Micro Levels in Ukraine Read article
Authors: Tamara LYTVYNENKO, Yaroslav LYTVYNENKO, Ielizaveta LYTVYNENKO
6. Collaborative Networks and Strategic Axes, Fundamental Pillars of the Development of Technology Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Read article
Authors: Alexandru ROJA, Marian NASTASE, Ileana (MIRCIOI) VALIMAREANU
7. The Analysis of Romanian Agricultural Trade Competitiveness in the Period 2004-2013 Read article
Author: Georgiana-Raluca LADARU
8. Managing the Crisis in Iceland and the Dishonesty of the International Community? Read article
Author: Hilmar ��r HILMARSSON
9. The Social Enterprise - Viable Mechanism of Social Integration for Romanian Vulnerable Groups Read article
Author: Stefan Gabriel BURCEA
10. Globalization: a Road to Innovation Read article
Author: Florentina IVANOV