Vol. 15 No. 3 / 2014

1. Human and Intellectual Capital on Ethical Bases in a New Era Read article
Author: Simona BUSOI
2. Managerial Performance –Factors of Influence Read article
Authors: Ion VERBONCU, Stefan-Florin CORCODEL
3. Entrepreneurial initiatives versus entrepreneurial skills in South-Eastern Romania Read article
Authors: Alecxandrina DEACONU, Ramona Stefania IGRET, Simona- Irina AGOSTON, Cristian MARINAS, Monica CODRUZ-BACESCU
4. Managerial Perspective on Social Media Implementation in Banking Industry.  Comparative Study on Romanian and Mexican Banks Read article
Author: Kristine KIRAKOSYAN
5. Overall Performances of Romanian SMES in 2013 and 2014 Read article
Authors: Oana Mihaela BARA, Lavinia Mirabela JIANU (BORCOS)
6. Educational Counseling Approach for the Romanian Educational System Read article
Authors: Vladimir-Aurelian ENACHESCU, Vlad ROSCA
7. Management Consulting As a Factor in Transfer of Good Practices for Managerial Know-How Read article
Authors: Mihailovic BRANKO, Cvijanovic DRAGO, Kuzman BORIS
8. A cluster analysis of senses effects on consumer behavior. Lessons for businesses Read article
Authors: Ioana-Octavia BRATULESCU, Simona VASILACHE
9. Going international versus going global. The Case of the European Steel Pipe SMES Read article
Authors: Elena-Madalina VATAMANESCU, Florina-Magdalena PÎNZARU, Andreia-Gabriela ANDREI, Vlad-Andrei ALEXANDRU