Quality Management and Culture of the Higher Education System

Author: Silvia OLARU
Published in: Vol:9 No.5 / 2008

      The higher education system is the one that shapes the specialists who will lead in the near future the Romanian society and the EU integrated economy and its results depend on quality management and the culture built around.

      Regarding this aspect the educational factor has a major impact, not only under the education quality aspect but also under the integration of the need of quality itself in the national culture. The individualís conception has to assimilate the belief that wellbeing cannot exist without responsible and quality work.

      With this mission in mind, it becomes obvious that the entire activity of the university has to be focused on growing the institutionís competitiveness both at national and international level by: offer and activity results quality, high level management, a financial policy dedicated to rational use of resources and to engaging new resources, increasing the international dimension of the activity, encouraging a responsible attitude of all personnel.

Pages: 60 - 67