A Managerial Comparative Approach among some Latin American Countries (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)

Author: Amedeo ISTOCESCU

Published in: Vol:9 No.5 / 2008

      The economical, social, political, ideological, cultural and historical differences between the countries in Latin America, especially in South America are in most of cases more visible, more obvious than the similarities between these countries. Those interested for any reason in the matter of international comparative management area are obliged to pay necessary attention to the most specific peculiarities if and when they intend to make a global and undifferentiated approach of the main characteristics of the management practiced in different organizations from Latin American countries , especially in the sector of small or medium sized organizations.

      In this paper we try to explain some important peculiarities of the management in private or public organizations from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Pages: 51 - 59