Management of Local and Regional Development

Author: Doina POPESCU

Published in: Vol:9 No.5 / 2008

      The paper presents three regional models for E.U. countries: cultural, political and administrative, and economical one. The paper, also, treats the implication of the E.U. regions in the decision process inside the Community and presents the importance of the concept ”Europe of the regions” who combines the elements of economic and administrative efficiency with the principle of democracy and with the need of placing first the citizens’ wishes.

      The inhabitants of a local community are able, to the utmost extent, to achieve the civic education, to look together after the public property, to be aware day by day that everybody’s good depends on the good of the whole community, to understand that they live within a society and that life within a group or a community require solidarity, reciprocity, devotion and even sacrifice.

Pages: 146 - 153