Managing the Quality of Romanian Medical Services
as Compared to other Medical Systems

Author: Magdalena BARBU

Published in: Vol:9 No.5 / 2008

      As patients we often face the situation of thinking how close to our expectations will the physician we address meet our health need. We think if he/she is motivated enough to solve our problem at the level we expect. All medical services should be offered at a very high quality level and at very accessible prices so that everything is done for the best of the whole people community and not according to the commercial interests. If we do not do so we take the risk that the whole society and economy pay the price by having weak and not healthy work force, able to deliver medium quality jobs. The paper presents Romanian, American and some other payment and compensation systems and ways for the medical personnel to be rewarded for the fact that they help patients by offering consults, treatments and interventions, operations and put effort for people’s health and overall “state economy’s health”.

Pages: 113 - 124