Approaching the Organizational Change

Authors: Marian NĂSTASE and Cătălina RADU

Published in: Vol:9 No.5 / 2008

      As we deal more and more with factors that trigger the change, we have to be able to develop a new attitude towards change. Itís important to be able to develop a learning community where the people to be confident to interact with their peers, with the managers or other stakeholders, in order to understand and appropriately manage the forces leading to change.

      Organizations must decide which their best options for a certain environment are in order to be able to survive and grow. However, the context proves to be tougher than predicted even short time ago and the present crisis place new challenges for the leaders.

      Managing change requires a sound understanding of external and internal business environment, the ability to predict future evolution of the key factors and capability to inspire your staff, in order to stay and work together in the period of difficult times.

Pages: 5 - 19