The Influence of Leadership over the Organizational Culture

Author: Marian NĂSTASE

Published in: Vol:9 No.4 / 2008

      Leaders from modern organizations face more and more the challenge of integrating the cultural elements that come from persons or groups that belong to different nations, with different education levels, different habits, traditions, behaviors a.s.o.

      The direct and indirect impact is felt over the organizational culture and further on individual and organizational performances. That’s why the organizational culture has to be open, to allow the comprehension and inclusion of some symbols, values, norms, even if initially, they don’t reflect the cultural basis for the largest part of personnel.

      Cultural diversity is one of the most approached topics within the organizational theory and practice. It tries to offer a range of explanations regarding the ways in which the individuals and group differ, but also to the ways in which the “cultural treasures” can be understood and used by leaders and other categories of personnel, in order to assure a good functionality and high performances.

Pages: 124 - 132