Freight Opportunities in the High Speed Train Arrival:
Catalonian Experience

Authors: Merce BERNARDO, Rodolfo de CASTRO

Published in: Vol:9 No.4 / 2008

      The purpose of this paper is to show the changes in freight market and actions to do to lead to a better future state on the arrival of the high-speed train at the Catalonia region.

      Using the freight market as a context, this paper provides a brief overview of the opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths of the arrival of the high-speed train. The train provides a wide range of growth and improvement opportunities for those cities in which it is going to arrive. The Catalonian case is presented.

      Future research should compare the situation with other regions where the train arrival is planned.

      It is a useful tool for companies and government in order to take advantage of the train arrival.

Pages: 44 - 57