Redesigning the Human Resource Managerial Subsystem

Author: Ovidiu NICOLESCU

Published in: Vol:9 No.4 / 2008

      Study starts with the relationship between human resources reengineering and organization management reengineering. After this we identify and describe the main particularities of the redesign of human resource management, which represents the background for both methodological approaches presented further.

      The first type of approach deals with the redesign of human resource management subsystem within the reengineering of the whole company management system. This methodology is divided into 8 stages, for each the author indicating: specific objectives, scope of aspects approached, specific techniques and ways used and finally concrete results achieved.

      The second type of methodological approach deals with the redesign of human resources management subsystem on itself, indicating the major differences comparative with the previous type and the main managerial situations recommended to be used.

      It is very important to outline that both methodological approaches there are originally, they representing the results of more than 30 years of managerial consulting and research of the author, achieved in Romanian and international companies.

Pages: 5 - 25