Integrated Management Correlations and Divergences

Authors: Dumitru MIRON, Monica PETCU and

Published in: Vol:9 No.3 / 2008

      The contemporary society marked by complex and divergent phenomena, develops managerial responses that need to be synergistically integrated on global level, on community and organizational level on the performance coordinates, fully matching the cultural matrixes of the concerned population segments.

      Contemporary phenomenology develops on the coordinates containing highly integrated developments to one end, and highly atomized, opposable and compensatory elements, to the other end. Under these circumstances, management is a primary resource of development.

      By reconsidering the economic paradigms and including the philosophical dimension and the environmental problematic into the environmental equation, it connects economics science to nature and society.

      By orienting the entire economic assembly towards the person, it places the economic sciences into the vast scope of anthropology, as an integrating domain, in a concrete spatial and temporal context.

Pages: 45-57