Supporting Leadership Development

Author: Marian NĂSTASE

Published in: Vol:9 No.3 / 2008

      Leaders are associated with the organizationís results. A good company means good leaders, persons able to make a difference in a more and more competitive environment and where change is a common denominator for customer focused organizations.

      Leaders have a powerful impact over the success of change process and itís important to support the employees, their co-workers, to have a positive attitude to the change and, at the same time, to foster the turning up and development of future leaders, able to continue the efforts previously made for getting more and more competitive in a changing world.

      Supporting leadership development becomes a crucial task for organization with long-term orientation that wish themselves to become leaders in their field of activity. Educating present and future leaders represents a mission that involve a bolding vision and allocation of important resources. But, it provides you sound results!

Pages: 202 - 213