Mission of Strategic Consulting to Harmonize
with European Practices
- Case Study NEFERPROD Timişoara -

Authors: Horaţiu ŞOIM , Nicolae BOE
and Vichentie MANIOV

Published in: Vol:9 No.3 / 2008

      In the global economy at the beginning of XXI century, markets are complex, competition between companies is strong and consumers are well informed. The global market brings vulnerabilities and opportunities. Under these conditions the companies must set realistic objectives that are based on market studies and to develop effective strategies for achieving them. The paper addresses the problem of developing business strategies by small and medium enterprises in order to increase their competitiveness and achieve performance within the context of the Single Market. The present case study of S.C. NEFERPROD IMPEX ltd Timisoara has been the subject of a consulting mission.

Pages: 191 - 201