Investment in Knowledge-Priority
of the Competitive Organization Management

Author: Alecxandrina DEACONU

Published in: Vol:9 No.2 / 2008

      The contemporary economic changes made the managers shift their attention from the natural resources to the intellectual assets, to examine in detail the knowledge the organization is based upon and the way they are capitalized.

      In this context, the investment in human resources in the knowledge based society becomes essential and its efficacy involves a specific management competence.

      The difficulty to quantify the efforts and the effects of the investment in learning did not discourage the theoreticians and the businessmen. They analyzed together the phenomenon, proposed convenient variants, thus facilitating the authentic communication between them. It becomes more and more obvious that the specialists in human resources understand and feel the business, know the economic concepts and offers the managers solutions that take into account the production costs, the opportunity costs, the profit, solvability, cash flow…, all these in the context in which they know to persuade that the decision errors of the present can affect the competitiveness chance of the future organization.

Pages: 85-94