PRELEM XXI – Management and Entrepreneurship Simulation
for Lifelong Learning

Authors: Ovidiu NICOLESCU, Ion COCHINĂ and Florin ANGHEL

Published in: Vol:9 No.2 / 2008

      This management and entrepreneurship simulation PRELEM–XXI is remarkable for both its economic and managing characteristics and its computer-assisted ones, being one of the most complex, modern and efficient simulations used in the world at present. It got international recognition thanks to the two prestigious awards: The bronze medal and The EUREKA Diploma! 2004 during the 53rd World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology” in Brussels organized on 20.11.2004. It has brought its immense contribution to the training processes, the appropriation of a dynamic and systemic view on the organization’s management, the development of the capacity to analyze and solve complex managing situations by making the right decisions, and to the training of efficient managing behaviors

Pages: 55-72