Training, Employment and new Competences
for a Sustainable Development


Published in: Vol:9 No.2 / 2008

      The complex relations between training, employment and environment, resulting from the implementation of sustainable development strategies, are largely discussed. It is advisable to analyze the evolution of employment and training within the framework of environmental protection in Europe and in particular in Portugal. The active employment policies set up specific training programmes for the environmental protection and management, as an answer to the new necessary competences. The training system has a decisive role in the satisfaction of the qualification needs. It is thus necessary to define strategic professions and trainings, by making an anticipated management of competences and qualifications.

      It is obvious the necessity to promote coordination between employers and employees, in order to improve the awareness of the environmental impact of the production systems on the working conditions and training. There are important social and ethical aspects of the economy, aiming at a sustainable development which respects the natural environment and improves the quality of life. The participation of the economists is also important, but there are still many things to be done in the training field.

Pages: 15-32