Organizational Learning
and the Knowledge-Based Management

Authors: Iulia CHIVU, Dan POPESCU
and Geanina CUCU-CIUHAN
Published in: Vol:9 No.1 / 2008

      Similarly to the knowledge based economy and management, organizational learning as well is a concept that has been around for some time, but only recently entered mass use. In the new economy, knowledge is the main strategic resource, and the main strategic tool is learning. The condition of the South-Eastern European countries in the new global socio-economic landscape raises both major challenges and unique opportunities, especially in areas of high-intensity knowledge. The rapid changes characteristic for the Romanian economical environment may become a catalyst for organizational learning, especially in the context of a competitive global market of knowledge. Those organizations which will implement in their management procedures paradigms, structures and methods which are appropriate for the new global environment will have a real chance to be well positioned in this global competition.

Pages: 45-54