The Area of the Human Resources Audit

Authors: Irinel MARIN and Aurel MANOLESCU

Published in: Vol:9 No.1 / 2008

      In the activity of managing function of personnel within the organization, all the elements, aspects and its suitable behaviors have to be audited and assessed periodically. The audits should de completed with the purpose of determining whether these elements are effective in achieving the targets established by the management of the organization. Our principal idea in outlining a model in this domain is that human resources audit assesses the activity of human resources in any organization with the purpose of improving its activity. The audit provides feedback concerning the function of personnel and the way in which its activities proceed.

      The purpose of human resources audit is to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses in the nonprofit system of human resources and managing the possible issues and the auditor is the landmark in the correct and legal carrying out of the audit.

Pages: 148-158