Organizational Competitive Advantage:
The Payoff for Developing A Knowledge Management Capability

Author: Que T.N. NGUYEN

Published in: Vol:9 No.1 / 2008

      Knowledge management is identified in strategic management literature as a powerful weapon for sustaining competitive advantage. Given that a wide variety of knowledge management factors have been investigated, it is surprising that few studies have yet explored the resource-based view of knowledge management, and where analyses, to date, focus mostly on infrastructure elements in isolation. It is generally agreed that an absence of knowledge management processes will hinder the valuable synergy developed between the two major components of knowledge management capability, namely infrastructure and process that provide an integrated contribution to organisational competitive advantage. This paper sets out to fill this perceived gap in the literature by adopting the resource-based theory blended with knowledge and dynamic capability-based approaches to propose a comprehensive model of a knowledge management capability-based competitive advantage of the firm.

Pages: 132-147