A Conceptual Intelligent Model for Public Management

Authors: Ioan RADU, Minodora URSĂCESCU, Cleopatra
, Mihai CIOC

Published in: Vol:9 No.1 / 2008

      The purpose of this paper is to define the principal characteristics of a conceptual intelligent model of public management, in conformity with the realities of the Romanian public administration system. The base of this research was a comparative analysis of the international practices in the field, in order to identify the most important tendencies in public services management. Considering the results of this research, there were identified the fundamental principles of an intelligent management model for public management (subsidiary, public value and deliberative governance). Starting from this point, we proposed a new intelligent management model applicable in Romanian public sector, which can be structured into three major components: top management component (executive and deliberative), operational management component (back office) and communication component (front level). As a case study, we focused in particularly on the water supply public service and we developed a methodology for projecting the front-office component starting from the necessity of optimizing stakeholder satisfaction.

Pages: 5-16