A Critical Perspective on Comparative Management

Author: Voicu SUCALA
Published in: Vol:8 No.4 / 2007

      Positively, the international comparative management represents a recognized research field. The quantity of information generated in this field in the last decades is impressive. One of the essential aspects and often researched in the works of comparative management is the organizational culture.
      The quantitative and positivist approach prevails in this field. In consequence, the results should be characterized through a high level of signification and representativity. Not always more information means also much more knowledge. The paper analyses the information obtained in a few comparative cultural studies concerning Romania and Russia. We use the data obtained by Hofstede, those obtained by Trompenaars but also the data obtained by the author.
      Their syntheses are more contradictory and offer an ambiguous image about the real cultural context. The objective of the work consists in formulating a few questions resulted after analyzing this information. The answer to these questions will probably be decisive for the comparative cultural studies, in a more and more critical context for the quantitative researches.