Managerial – Methodological Novelties (Part I)

Author: Ion VERBONCU
Published in: Vol:8 No.3 / 2007

      The management is one of the most important factors of making the Romanian organizations efficient, its economical and social performances being dependent to the methodological, decisional, informational and organizatorical performances. The key role in obtaining these performances belongs to the managers, involved directly in exerting the management processes, meaning fundamenting, adopting and applying of managerial decisions.
      The managerial tools and the methodological elements used in running of complex managerial initiatives, inclusively in promoting and using them represents, with no doubt, the fundamental combination of the managerial, economical and commercial success of any organization; proper knowledge and operationalization of the most adequate systems, methods and techniques of management provide a favorable answer to the question HOW DO WE LEAD?
      This is why, in the following pages, we approach some of the most representative managerial tools – from the profit centers based management and dashboard to the job description or decisional-informational description – which sustain the idea that the managerial methodologization is the most facile modality of amplifying the efficiency and effectiveness of the managers’ work.