About the Multiple Modernizing Faces of the Science of Management:
the Corporate Governance Towards Where?

Authors: Peter FILIP and Marcel Ioan BOLOŞ
Published in: Vol:8 No.3 / 2007

      The insurance of a performing management for companies, regardless of their dimension, whether it is about SME or transnational corporations, it is an objective but also a chance to note the financial results to satisfy the needs and the interests of stockholders. The performing management begins from its organization and implementation by the members of the managerial team. Not all these can function independently, but in direct relation both with the members of the Board of Directors and the owners in the same time.
      Any misunderstanding between the interest of the owners and the politics or the strategies promoted by the members of the Board of Directors or the members of the managerial team may lead to important loses, which are supported by the owners. That is why this paper follows the way in which the relations between the owners-managers and the members of the managerial team are established. In addition, this thing is made possible but in an accessible academic way through the study of the Code of the Corporate Governance.