Modernising Romanian Public Services Using E-Services Technologies:
Benchmarks, Best Practices and Recommendations

Authors: Ioan RADU, Cleopatra SENDROIU,
Minodora URSĂCESCU and Mihai CIOC
Published in: Vol:8 No.3 / 2007

      Social, economic and geographic integration, as a fundamental objective of the European Union, is influenced by the participation of the local and regional public services. In order for the candidate countries to increase their rhythm of development, it is necessary to develop a continuous process in order to implement the information society.
      In this context, the effect of structural funds can be amplified with the implementation of the e-Government services. The interaction between public administration, citizens and companies must not implicate their physical presence. Thereby, the transformation of public utilities services in electronic services (e-Services) and the free access of all the citizens to the infrastructure needed in order for these services to function require applications, tools and technical solutions which must be implemented by the local and central public administration authorities.