The XXITH Century Organization High Performance Organization:
a Virtual Model

Authors: Denisa ABRUDAN and Maria MORARU
Published in: Vol:8 No.3 / 2007

      In the present, we all are witnessing a paradigm change. It is about a paradigm which sustains that the organizations, mostly in the future, will appreciate the competences, intangible values, tacit or explicit knowledge, intellectual capital more, and the technology less.
      This paper work is pleading for High Performing Organization (HPO) as a solution for achieves the new performances. This organization is focused on: steady learning, competences, talent, responsibility, social synergy and a strong motivation for success. In these conditions, the high performance will be realized in organization, with high standards constantly aligned to the environmental changes, and the organizations which applied the HPO model will become organizations characterized by intelligence, creativity, new ideas and a rapid flow of information.