The Leadership Development Mechanism

Author: Marian NĂSTASE
Published in: Vol:8 No.2 / 2007

      In many cases we talk about leadership when we intend to point out special achievements. The leaders are those who can make the difference between a previous and present or future situation, more attractive for the organization stakeholders.
      The history is built up by people who had a special leadership, who knew to bring around them other leaders, other valuable people and, by their strenghts, the performances have been achieved.
      Romania needs people able to trigger the creative energy of the people, to coagulate the critica mass for the transformation required by the characteristics of internal and external environment and to generate the desired effects in economic, managerial, social and cultural fields.
      One of the most important quality for a leader is represented by his competence in building and transmitting an attractive vision, a vision that could prove the major source for inspirating the organization personnel.
      In this paper I present a mechanism for successfully developing and applying the leadership within an organization, emphasizing the specific stages and their particular approaches.