The Need for a New Methodology Regarding the Evaluation
of Logistics Management and Transportation

Authors: Liviu ILIEŞ and Emil CRIŞAN
Published in: Vol:8 No.2 / 2007

      The problem that this article brings into attention is the next one: is a new methodology for approaching logistics problems necessary or not? Considering a specific area – logistics and transportation – we try to answer this question considering the existing methodologies. It is obvious that the performance measures have a static character when it comes to evaluating the management of a firm. Only a new methodology which will take into account the way problems are solved at logistical level can represent a good choice for this issue. We propose a general methodology regarding logistics problems, considering the following aspects: there would be an approach which will insist upon firm’s management activities and performances, but also on the best practices in the field. To build such a methodology implies rigorous work and a strong connection with the practice of the field.