Characteristics of the Organizational Culture in Romanian Organizations
Based on the Results of the GLOBE-Romania Project

Authors: Nicolae Aurelian BIBU, Ioan PETRIŞOR, Emil CAZAN, Ionescu
, Elena SĂRĂTEAN, Silvia VLAD and Gabriel BÎZOI
Published in: Vol:8 No.2 / 2007

      This paper describes the characteristics of the organizational culture, both at values level and practices, in Romanian organizations. It is based on the results of the first GLOBE-Romania research project. The project was carried out by a consortia cooperation of 12 Universities in Romania and 48 researchers. The statistical analysis of each of the nine cultural dimensions is presented and results are discussed.
      The purpose of this research phase was to collect data meeting the GLOBE sampling policy, to present a descriptive statistics of Romanian national and organizational culture and outstanding expected leadership, and to make comparisons with worldwide data and position Romania on the world map of cultures.