The Role and Importance of Products Trademark for Selling the Products on Internal and External Market

Author: Gheorghe BĂŞANU
Published in: Vol:8 No.2 / 2007

      A fundamental objective of economic activities of production enterprises is to carry out high quality products; this is a major requirement of a vital importance on the market economy, following to the evidently development of competition – situation that requires to come into the market just those products that are different due to their technical level, the emphasized modernization, durability and accuracy in operating and the high finishing level.
      The meeting with maximum exigency of customer’s requirements assures not only the credibility, but also the development of company prestige that corresponding to those market requirements. Therefore, both the product factory trademark, and the trademarks used for selling the product is coming on the market for contributing to the promotion of seals on the internal and external market.
      This paper emphasises the direct connection between the quality of product and their trademarks, the role of trademarks in promoting the seal of products, the conditions that should be fulfilled such as the trademark should carry out its role and generally shows its importance. Therefore, the most important thing is to emphasize the role, functions and typology of the trademarks, based on the said requirements to which they must reply and the aspects connected with their notoriety.