Types of Managerial and Organizational Options for Industry Development

Author: Ovidiu NICOLESCU
Published in: Vol:8 No.2 / 2007

      The quick development of the industry in Romania with its evolution towards knowledge-based industry is depending on the capacity to elaborate and implement professional strategies. This study with summarizes a part from the research results, made in order to develop the specified early is focusing on a category of strategic options, the managerial-organizational ones, that, together with the commercial strategic options, the technical and scientific strategic options and the human, economic and financial strategic options, lead to a way in which the local industry should be developed and reshaped. Through this study, six managerial-organizational options will be presented, as follows: the set up of innovating company networks, the development of production or/and export clusters, the establish of spin-offs, the development of business incubators, the establishment of industrial parks, and last, but not least, the up-drawing of professional industrial strategies.