The managerial Tools:
Managerial Performances – Economic Performances

Author: Ion VERBONCU
Published in: Vol:8 No.1 / 2007

      The most dynamic and algoritmitized management part is the methodological component. The managerial tools (systems, methods and techniques of management) and the methodologies of engineering/reengineering and mainteining the management system and its subsystems functioning have a substantial contribution to the professionalization of the managers work in the conditions in which the efficiency, the effectiveness and the competitivity of the Romanian organizations that became „European” from the 1st of January 2007, are key parameters.
      Promotion of modern, complex and sophisticated managerial tools facilitates the exertion of management processes and their functions and permit the stamping of some order, discipline and rigurosity characteristics to the lead activities. We cannot invoke a truly scientific management without an evolved managerial tools and, implicitly, without rigurous methodologies of operationalizing them.
      The profit centres based management (mixture of the management by objectives, management by budgets and the system cost-hour-production), the project management, the dashboard, the diagnostic analysis represent only four of the management tools that we recommend to those who lead the Romanian organizations and desire performances.