The Role of Agriculture in the Serbian Economic Development

Authors: Jonel SUBIC, Drago CVIJANOVIC
and Claudiu CICEA
Published in: Vol.7 / 2006

      Agriculture has an important contribution in economic development of Serbia, being a factor of reaching equilibrium in harmonizing the domestic economic development.
      It represents a catalyser in the modern economy if it is an important source of profit and employment in various economic sectors (inter-related industries, trade, distribution, infrastructure, tourism etc.); it plays a crucial role in the rural development by providing valorization of the local resources as well as development of numerous small and medium business activities in different domains; it helps in the large distribution of profit caused by decentralization of land ownership, that is very important from socio-economic point of view; agriculture is one of important source of export activity with important role in balancing of foreign trade balance as well as balance of payment in the country.
      The revenues from the agricultural products’ export can assure modernization of both agriculture and many other branches and economic activities. In that respect our country should valorise available comparative advantages by applying efficient management both on micro and macro level.