Influencing Factors for Applying Corporate Social Responsibility
within Romanian Companies under the Conditions of
Adheration to European Union

Author: Marian NĂSTASE
Published in: Vol.7 / 2006

      Present environment contains a lot of factors that place pressures over the organizations, forcing them to restructure their activities in order to better meet the existing and potential needs. By organizational changes the companies try to find the right ways for surviving and development, not only for short term, but also in medium and long run.
      Economy plays an important role in these transformations that, to a certain extent, it generates them and, on the other hand, it receives them as important part of society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has started to be during the last years a concept more present in managers’ vocabulary, both in large companies and SME’s sector. CSR is associated with a proactive approach that brings together the economic and social preoccupations in a certain area.