African Women Entrepreneurs
- Facing the Challenges of the Global Economy

Author: Shade Bembatoum-YOUNG
Published in: Vol.6 / 2005

      I wish to begin this paper by paying tribute to the indomitable spirit of the countless indefatigable African Women Entrepreneurs I have had the privilege of interacting with during the past 15 years. Thanks to their resourcefulness, resilience, determination, perseverance, hard work, and commitment to improving the lives of their families and communities, they have, against all odds, and in some countries, with little or no support from their Governments, been able to put Africa on the map.
      They have continued to produce, showcase and export traditional hand-woven textiles and hand-dyed fabric, made into garments and accessories, corporate gift items, soft furnishings, toys etc. They have also been responsible for supplying African beads and beaded jewelers, raffia work, arts and crafts and African cosmetics, herbal remedies and foodstuff etc. to markets, shops and boutiques around the world.