The Change Of Organizational Culture
For Aligning To European Market Requirements

Author: Marian NĂSTASE
Published in: Vol.6 / 2005

      The analysis and change of organizational culture represent procesus that can have a major impact over the functionality and performances of a company. The knowledge of organizational culture characteristics and of the ways in which they could be modified, in order to assure a better congruence among the constituents of company culture, the needs and aspirations of employees and company objectives, represent a basical requirement for a today’s successful manager.
      At the present, in a world characterized by high dnyamics, inside of an enlarged Europe that presents a huge potential, the success is strong connected to the leadership, vision, inspiration and dedication of managers, of leaders, of those that take the responsability for making the decisions and developing the programs of change that involve both the rational but also the emotional parts of employees.
      In order for these actions to be successful it is necessary the use of well grounded methodologies. In the present paper we present such a methodology that targets the analysis and change of organizational culture, as premises for a competitive evolution of the company and for adaptating to European Market Requirements.