Approach of the Knowledge Based Strategy
in the International Context

Author: Ovidiu NICOLESCU
Published in: Vol.6 / 2005

      Paper is focused on the essential of knowledge-based strategy taking into consideration the theoretical and practical development during the last 10 years and especially knowledge revolution in the international context. Paper is divided in four parts: prerequisites and features defining knowledge-based strategies, news on strategic knowledge, types of specific strategy based on knowledge delimitaded by Japanese and American specialists and methodologicall elements for accomplishment of the strategy.
      Paper demonstrates the specificity of the company knowledge-based strategies and their necesity. More than this it presents essential elements regarding how to elaborate and to implement a knowledge based strategy starting from well knowen research in the field achieved by S. Zack, N. Nohria, M. Hensen, A. Grunwall, T. Nomura, N. Ogiwara, Th. Stewars and others.