Comparative Approach of Companies Organizational Culture
from Romania and Japan (II)

Author: Marian NĂSTASE
Published in: Vol.5 / 2004

      Japanese management represent an attraction point for theoreticians and practiciens in the management field, due to the performances and of high pace of development that has been recorded by this country, untill no long time ago. At the present, even if the rythm of economic development has slowed down and the Japanese economy faced with different crisis, the Japan continues to fascinate through its culture, that is very present in managerial approach of Nippon leaders.
      For Romania, a country that is still in a process of deep transformations in economic, political, managerial, social, cultural fields the knowledge of factors that assure high functionality and performances within organizations from the developed countries, it is an obious necessity and can favour the diminishing of the gap between our country and the developed ones.